Teen Mothers Support

Committee Vision:  Encourage teen and young mothers to seek and identify their life's purpose

It takes two, we encourage our teens to share and embrace our disciplines learned and how important it is to become connected with their inner spirit.

  • ​We encourage abstinence.
  • We provide education about birth control and the importance of safe sex.
  • We promote other community service and activities and teach skills to cope with peer pressure.

Committee Mission: Empower teen and young mothers to realize their potential through steadfastness and commitment to their future

Helping young mothers to build strong families

  • We provide empowerment workshops.
  • We collaborate and partner with organizations that provide services to young mothers.
  • We partner with public agencies to identify areas that our CORESSWC Organization can provide additional support.
  • We serve as mentors to young mothers.
  • We provide group support services to learn from the experiences of others.

Providing workshops to help determined teen mothers needs to build strong disciplines and to help them Step Into their life purpose

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